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What is the complete definition of "riced out" From my view, it is home made cold air, chopped muffler, thousand stickers, shiny hubcaps, DVD player playing the first fast and the furious, and oh yea................Gauges!!!!
Don't forget the Altezza style taillights, and a really really low really ugly body kit with an opening for an intercooler, which 99% of these dufus ricer boys don't have.


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5 point harnesses on stock seats with colorful seat covers and no roll cage. The huge sticker that says "powered by Honda" as if the stupid f*ck was going to forget. Makeshift homemade "dual ass-can exhaust on a normally aspirated 1.6 liter engine. Neon underglow lights, fake useless hood scoops, and if they are really bonzo, propane injection directly to their exhaust (for the flames)
upperclass ricers have underbody neon lights and a rear bumper with openinges left and right for the muffler where only one muffler exists
-- nonsense extra lightings (All kinds of bulbs or tubes)

-- crappy stero playing rave music loudly and think he catches everybody's attention just because he's cool.


1) A cereal grass (Oryza sativa) that is cultivated extensively in warm climates for its edible grain.

2) The starchy grain of this plant, used as a staple food throughout the world.

3) Being a MORON with a car.

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It's usually not the car that makes it a ricer. It's the fricking A-hole who drives the thing as hard as he can, TRYING to keep up with the ppl who drive cars that are actually fast. Funny thing is they'll always tell you at the next light that they're not trying...... and then tell their friends they won later on. [rofl]

You'll hear the car before you see it, you'll laugh when you see the car, and all he'll see is your tailights...... and I really don't care if he's mad or not[:)]
- Ricers are usually morons who drive 1.6 liter Civics who fail to realize my Mountain Dew has more capacity than their engine.

- Ricers are a breed of posers who think they're fast, but really aren't, and who downshift into second with their automatics to make it look and sound like they are driving stick, even though they can't.

- Ricers are people who put $2,000 wheels on a $700 car.

- Ricers are people should be tortured/made fun of/flogged or severely beaten and proved that they really have no skill as a driver when the opportunity arises.
i like body kits that don't match colors, or even line up with the stock body. those are sweet. and the major ricer thing for me (whether its german, american, or jap) is when you mistake a car pulling up for a swarm of killer bees.

frolf said:
the major ricer thing for me (whether its german, american, or jap) is when you mistake a car pulling up for a swarm of killer bees.

Hahaha! I know exactly what you mean, when they pull up next to you they are holding the steering wheel with their right hand, and waving their left arm to some sort of techno or rap.

Gaaaaa friggin ricers!!


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Oh dear lord! Those little 14 year old guys are quite possibly some of the funniest characters that I have ever seen. I think that they actually made me less intelligent. I am really suprised that I didn't piss my self.