No crank,no start after unexplained airbag deployment

Hello fello enthusiast my name is Maxwell and I am new to the BMW world I am a well seasoned technician in the automotive and commercial truck industry of 26 years now I recently purchased an 05 545i 4.4l naturally aspirated 6 sod manual transx car from a fellow I work with that had the notorious alternator bracket oil leak.After he resealed everything on the top end of the engine and had not fixed the leak I purchased it and immediately drove the car into the shop after work and started hunting this massive leak. I drove the car in and out of the shop several times before leaving something on and killing the battery. I was going to load the car on a trailer and take to a friends shop with a lift so when I connected the jumper cables the passenger side airbag deployed and the car has not started since.The battery cable charge was not detonated so I still have a good cable I reprogrammed a new battery into the system when you turn on the ignition the lights will come on windows and sunroof operate I Drive and navigation screen power up however instrument cluster and engine electronics are inoperable.Did the unexplained airbag deployment cause this problem and if so can it be resolved with a new bag and a snap on solstice computer