350z Vs. 97 M3

Me and a buddy of mine have been building our cars constantly for the past two years.. or so.. and we decided that we'd finally find the outcome between his 350 and my M3. Most of my work is in my suspension but I do have a few engine mods.. but we decided to finalize our work. He has a lot of work and money into his ride..(front and rear sway,strut bars, digital fuel/air converter, borla exaust, intake and a few things I dont even know what they are.) For a good understanding of my specs look at my profile.. ).
Any ways... we have this road (lots of turns.. with top speed at maybe 55 in the turns, and a half mile straight at the very end, with room to stop of course) we use to test and tune our suspensions and engine mods for... and just so happens a buddy of ours was in the area and we had him drive to the end of the road.. only about 5 miles long.. and make sure there was no traffic..ect. (cops) So we both pulled side by side.. and let it go. He has just about the same hp as I do at the moment.. but he doesnt have any traction control systems what so ever! We took off hard and fast. He took a good quarter inch off of his MXs and I chriped.. but thank god for ASC. I turned it off after first gear.. just so I can control the car my self... we sprinted for about a quarter mile and he was a head by about a car length.. just enough to take the inside of the right turn.. but only one problem... those cars have so much torque out of a turn its crazy.. but with an M3's suspsension and upgrades.. you can beat it. I broke a head and stayed a head untill a quarter mile straight was infront of us.. and he broke side by side... two turns later.. he was still on the outside and starting to walk on me.. at that moment we were both doing right about 60-65 in the later part of the turn... I took the turn in 4th.. and right at the end of the turn... just for kicks and giggles.. (I know down shifting in the later part of a turn.. isnt exactly the smart thing or the time to do it. But .. what the hell) I dropped it to 3rd... and had about 1500 rpms left before I needed to shift... I walked away from him.. till I heard him drop down a gear or two.. and got right infront of me.. but I dont know exactly everything about how the power band is on the top end of a 350.. but once I fully got into 4th gear.. .and had about 2k to go before 5th.. I got next to him... and walked him right into 5th.. and edged him about by about a car length and a half...
So... 350s are great cars.. to my standards... and I wouldnt underestimate one any time.. If the driver knows what he's doing...
Happy racing..